Joe R & The Icebox Sound

Joe R & The Icebox Sound was founded by Joe Rooyakkers and Scott Torello. Joe and Scott’s paths crossed thanks to their passion for music when they shared the stage at a bar opening in Fraser, Colorado in 2000. After that first meeting they have played together ever since.

The initial formation that was called Sasquatch Mountain Project has gone through many transformations through the years and one of them added the phenomenal fiddle player Sara Clements.

The band had regular gigs up until the pandemic hit in 2020. With no gigs on the calendar, Joe focused on writing new music while Scott and Sara have been honing their craft.

When Joe released his new album “Souvenir” in February of 2021, the band reunited and changed their name to Joe R & The Icebox Sound.

Soon after, an extraordinary upright bass player Rick Brough joined the band. Like a wind of fresh air, he brought not only his bass skills but also the sounds of harmonica and light percussion.

Joe R & The Icebox Sound play original music by Joe Rooyakkers, Scott Torello and Rick Brough as well as covering well known songs by familia

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