As a boy, growing up in rural Wisconsin, my love for music was born in my Grandpa’s garage as we spent many Sunday afternoons listening to him play his harmonica with my Uncle who strummed a four-string guitar. I so wanted to be able to play like them!

I received my first guitar for Christmas when I was 10 years old and it was love at first sight! I focused on learning songs by my heroes, John Prine, John Denver and Johnny Cash, some of the best writers of my time. I so enjoyed digging into their lyrics, thinking that perhaps one day I would have the courage to pick up the pen myself.

After moving to Winter Park, Colorado, with encouragement from family and friends, I attended my first Rocky Mountain Song School in 2009. It was a life changing experience. Fellow writers were encouraging and yet challenged me. Little did I know they would become close friends and allies in helping me achieve my album “Souvenir”, composed of stories of my life and folks I have met along the way that inspired me. It has been my lifelong ambition to share my music and is such a pleasure to do so.